Would you like to open you own game center? Join us as a partner! We offer a franchise that enables you to quickly open your own game center with fun and unique escape games. Join our thriving community.

First, let us introduce our Enigmarium®: the first and the most popular escape games in our region (Croatia / Slovenia / NE Italy). We were the first escape room in the region and today we are the trendsetters with our complete original ideas. Our games are No. 1 on Trip Advisor what proves that we know how to do it.

The creators have more than 20 years experience in marketing, advertising and branding and there are IT gurus, psychologists, designers, doctors of robotics science and geeks in the crew.

Who we are:

In september 2015 we celebrated our first birthday with 9 completey orginal and unique rooms in 3 different EU states – and that just in our first year!

Our innovation Escape Igloo® (registered trade mark) won a Snovalec 2015 Award form Ministry of Tourism and agency Spirit Slovenia in 2015.

We work hard to make Enigmarium® – with the unique gaming and user experience – an synonymous for best escape games you have ever played.

That’s why our players always leave our games terribly excited and wanting to play another game.  They share their excitement with their friends and acquaintances and in doing so become our ambassadors – and put Enigmarium® as leader & trendsetter in the field throughout our wider region.

By joining our franchise, you won’t lose any valuable time (and money) creating a business plan, developing and protecting your brand, logo and visual image, thinking up your marketing and communication strategy, setting up and optimizing your website, booking system, developing a system for giving hints to players, figuring out how to do time monitoring and looking for other solutions that we have already tested and incorporated in our games.

You will also get help developing the escape room game itself, including ideas, dramaturgy, scenarios, puzzles… In addition you’ll get access to our development team of investors in charge of developing hi-tech gadgets for your needs. We take care of all the KNOW-HOW to set up your center within our network and you run it.

However, it is good to know: For a successful start-up and a thriving business it is important to carefully select a strategic location (we can advise you about the key parameters). You should also know that success does not come only with the initial investment – which is not small – it is necessary to invest in the project every day.

Acting under one brand we can all but gain, working together means a more cost effective business, stronger brand recognition and greater customer loyalty. As well as a higher entrance barrier for competition.


Send as a mail with letter of intent including your location and a short CV at info@enigmarium.hr.